Private Consulting

My private consulting practice is here to help you grow profitably, manage your funding, and chart your path to exit.

I'm a McKinsey trained growth strategist with strategy roles at Target, the Wonderful Company and SKU.

I'm also a serial entrepreneur with front line growth leadership including my own startups and FIJI Water markets.

Typically, I work with 1-2 clients at a time over a couple of months to create a "Go Plan" for you and your business.

Please see more details below and reach out if you would like to explore working together.

I'll work with you to:

> Set your goals for you and your business

> Optimize your cost structure and pricing

> Design your growth plan by channel and market

> Manage your cashflow and budgets

> Scope out funding needs and your fundraising plan

> Chart your path to exit (or perpetual profitability)

> Create an 8-10 page networking/fundraising storyline

Get in touch for more details

"Every business can go profitable"

Keep control of your business with a plan to go profitable. Drive rather than chase growth, and do it all on your terms.

These are tricky times for CPG startups especially if you're selling well and growth is strong.

With your "Go Plan 2024" you'll focus on your goals, engineer a tactical growth plan, and build out your cashflow model to empower you to grow on your terms.

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