About George

As a serial entrepreneur, I've been there, deep in the day to day chaos of leading a startup, driving growth, blocking and tackling, and powering forward.

As a former management consultant, I know the power of good frameworks and tools, and having a blueprint for growth to set goals and manage your plan to get there.

I'm here to help founder operators to drive your vision forward, grow your business, and do it all on your terms.

- George

  • Serial entrepreneur with 25 years in consumer products and operations
  • Food & beverage startup operator, two as founder, successfully raised from angels
  • M&A and new business development at FIJI Water, Wonderful Company, Target, McKinsey
  • Merchandising strategy at Target, Wonderful Company, and McKinsey & Company
  • Investor relations for SKU the CPG Accelerator, advised founders on growth and fundraising

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