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I'm a growth strategist and consultant to emerging consumer businesses.

I help companies grow profitably, line up the funding they need, and chart their paths to exit.

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My strategy and business building experience

  • Serial entrepreneur with 25 years in consumer products strategy and operations
  • Food & beverage startup operator, two as founder, successfully raised from angels
  • M&A and new business development at FIJI Water, Wonderful Company, Target, McKinsey
  • Merchandising strategy at Target, Wonderful Company, and McKinsey & Company
  • Investor relations and fundraising advisor for SKU the leading CPG Accelerator

Client feedback

"It’s been a real education taking your courses. Thank you for the rich content and open discussion."

- Lisa Bastian, PrēMola Granola

"George is the best. He helped me with my business plan from start to finish. He is so knowledgeable, patient and kind. He works fast and keeps his promises. His fees are reasonable for the fantastic work he does. Can't recommend George more."

- Deborah Dworkin, Dr. Mushroom

"I wanted to get more insights on what would be needed to launch in the US. When I saw George’s online cashflow training, I signed up. A great choice! George is very knowledgeable, has a great network and really knows what he is talking about - not from books or courses, but from actually building businesses himself."

- Marika van Santvoort, Pacha de Cacao

"George has an incredible wealth of knowledge in the subject and helped me open my eyes to the possibilities of what can be done in terms of fundraising and how to present it."

- Oscar Fernando De la Peña, ZUZI

"George Bryson is an extraordinary person. He helped me to appreciate the professional growth I have gained in the last several years. I realized how much work I had already put in and how George’s expertise and experiences could help Resync moving forward."

- Barbara Depta, Resync

"George helped develop a financial road map along with a plan to scale different components of the business to achieve a clearer BIG picture of our business."

- Madhu Sharoff, Kimbala

"We really appreciated George's relaxed yet focused demeanor. A lot was accomplished in a short amount of time. In a kind and thoughtful way, George's attention to the big and small picture, allowed us to see the road ahead."

- Ariel Dora Kohane, Ova Moon

"George Bryson is a godsend... while attending “Fundraise with Purpose” we started addressing key opportunities to understand and maximize scaling, sourcing, fundraising, and growth in general. We would do it again in a heartbeat."

- Chris Cook, Special Leaf