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  • Dial in on how much cash you'll need to get started and to grow your idea into a business

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As a CPG entrepreneur, I've been there, deep in the day to day chaos of leading a startup, driving growth, blocking and tackling, and powering forward.

As a former management consultant, I know the power of a good blueprint for growth, a system to set goals and your path to get there.

I'm here to empower startup founders to drive your vision forward, grow your business, and do it all on your terms.




"George is the best. He helped me with my business plan from start to finish. He is so knowledgeable, patient and kind. He works fast and keeps his promises. His fees are reasonable for the fantastic work he does. Can't recommend George more."

- Deborah Dworkin, Dr. Mushroom

"I wanted to get more insights on what would be needed to launch in the US. When I saw George’s online cashflow training, I signed up. A great choice! George is very knowledgeable, has a great network and really knows what he is talking about - not from books or courses, but from actually building businesses himself."

- Marika van Santvoort, Pacha de Cacao

"George helped develop a financial road map along with a plan to scale different components of the business to achieve a clearer BIG picture of our business."

- Madhu Sharoff, Kimbala